The Story

Hepian was founded in a consultation room. Our CEO, went to visit a surgeon called Mr Rajesh Nair. Afterwards, the two of them started talking about the quality and speed of the patient pathway and what could be done to improve it. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Problem

As of right now, information in our healthcare system is managed manually. Medical letters, op notes, booking scans and blood tests are all created separately, by hand. Medical staff need all these elements to deliver care but don't have an efficient way to create them.

The Effect

Doctors spend at least an hour a day on administration tasks utilising old computers to manage patient information. Not only does this immediately take time from patients - but the whole system is made less efficient, less effective and unsustainable.

Screenshot of Hepian Dictate app

Hepian Write

A transcription solution that takes 60 seconds to get started with. It is as accurate as a human being and means the patient pathway; from first consultation, to a CT scan, all the way to discharging - is more efficient.

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Hepian Modules

Our vision is to provide healthcare professionals with full control over the tools they use, without sacrificing on collaboration. To do this, Hepian is made of individual pieces we call modules, that can be used separately, or all together.


A solution for making medical documents, op notes, clinic letters and more. Write learns your specialty, accent, voice pattern and from its mistakes to deliver greater transcript accuracy.


HepianLink offers a no-cost and easy-to-use solution for running virtual consultations. Specialist features for use in follow-ups and triaging support your practice, from home or at the hospital.

Coming Soon

HepianForms analyses PDFs of paper forms and converts them to digital forms. Boxes where doctors hand write information can be dictated into, checkboxes tapped on and every booking made digital.

Coming Soon

Flightpath connects staff to every machine, department and consultation room in the hospital. Completely automating the process of booking and resource management in medicine.


Join the doctors and departments automating their practice and saving critical time.

  • Direct cost savings e.g from fewer outsourced typists
  • Massive time savings across the institution
  • Better use of resources within the hospital
  • Clinicians save as much as an hour a day
  • Improved staff and physician morale
  • Staff focus on the high value aspects of their work
  • Smaller likelihood of medical errors
  • More time with staff at the bedside
  • Faster patient pathway through their treatment


"I am really excited to see the kinds of technology Hepian is going to create (as an existing user of what they already have!) and the impact it'll have on how we do our jobs"

Dr Zainab Laftah
University Lewisham Hospital, NHS

"Hepian was really useful for me at the peak of the Covid19 pandemic. Getting started with any new platform is difficult but Hepian meant I could do it faster."

Dr Bu'Hussein Hayee
King's College Hospital, NHS

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