Hepian Write provides improved accuracy rates for dictations through its fast learning algorithm 'Medically Speaking'.


Our users finish their letter writing in half the time, and they’re available instantly for upload to an EPR or for sending.


With Hepian Write there is no setup time or learning curve. Your first Hepian letter will be finished in just 60 seconds.

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Hepian Technology

A great platform is about unique technology and practices. With Hepian Write, access our technology, automate your administration and help patients - at 0 cost.

Medically Speaking

Our technology learns from each individual user. Your accent, voice pattern and specialty are all analysed and used to improve the accuracy of your personal Hepian system.

No Download Required

With this platform, there is no download required - and it works on any device. So wherever you are and whatever kind of equipment you’re working with, you’re covered.

Simple User eXperience

The key to great software is complex technology and a simple user interface. Too many medical technology platforms get that the wrong way around, losing rather than saving time, we do not.

Clinic Integration

Hepian technology integrates with video consultation technology that allows you to dictate letters at the same time, and on the same platform as your virtual clinic software.

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"With Hepian I can quickly turn round medical letters as I am running clinic - without burdening myself with error correcting."

Mr Rajesh Nair
Guy's and St Thomas', NHS

"Hepian Write learns my voice as I use the tool so after one clinic it knew my specialty, subspecialty and accent - that's why I think it's more accurate."

Mr Jonathan Makanjuola
King’s College Hospital, NHS

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