Ease & Safety

With virtual consultation software, patients are kept safer as well as both them and their clinicians not wasting time traveling to the hospital.

Patient Communication

Automatic invites and messages ensure appointments are kept on time, with our online waiting room looking after patients whilst they wait for you.

Simple Start

A new platform can be a challenge to learn, but with Hepian Link there’s no download and minimal learning curve so you can start treating sooner.

Screenshot of Hepian Link app

Platform Features

Specialist features make Hepian Link a go-to for medical video software. Simple technology done well.


Run a virtual clinic through video consultations, and treat patients without needing to be in the same physical space.

Useful Features

Operate with less help from your regular support staff, minimise contact between care providers and free up staff time.

No Download

Use Link to schedule and monitor appointments, automatically helping patients find your clinic and join on time.

Built Together

Our platform is always being refined with our medical partners - this agility and flexibility ensures Link evolves with your needs.

Heard enough?

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"With Link, I open my app, I see everything I need to right away - my list of appointments for the day and which patients are in my waiting room."

Mr Pavol Surda
London Bridge Hospital

"I use Link 2 or 3 times a week for my virtual consultations. This way it keeps them safe and supports triaging and follow ups without wasting my time."

Mr Ramesh Thurairaja
The London Clinic, Harley Street

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